About us

About us
Vivi.rent has been specialising in short-term rentals since 2005. We have acquired great experience and have learnt how to make our clients' holiday the most comfortable. You are sure to get our high quality service, cleanliness, fresh linen and the quality of offered apartments. We can offer you a lot of variants from inexpensive studios to luxury villas for your rest at best prices. We provide our clients with almost all types of additional services. We will provide you with a transfer, a cleaning woman, delivery of products, different excursions and much more. There are no additional fees on our site. You only pay for the rented apartment. There are our representatives at every resort who will do their best to make your stay perfect.
Our team
You will be served by our professional team which specialises in short-term rentals. After you make a request, you will get a personal manager who is going to support you at all stages of your stay. You will not have to hold on the line waiting for a manager from the call centre to get free. Your personal manager will be available 24/7.
ViVi.RENT was established in 1996 by Vitalij Nedzveckij and Vitalij Dachnenko. It started up on the Canary Islands with renting out its apartments. We managed to rent out all our apartments with excellent financial results in a quick period of time. Our guests submitted good reviews making the accommodation very popular. Due to the acquired experience and the professional team, we began to promote our service at an international level. Rent for a short term is the primary area of our activity. At present, our representation agencies are based in five countries. There are more than 150000 booked nights. There are more than 10000 apartments and villas at best prices. ViVi.RENT is a very simple way to extend the auditorium of travellers for your accommodation throughout the year.